Who are we ?

For 40 years, our laboratory has been committed to developing pharmaceutical products within the reach of more people in Nigeria and in Africa.

Several of our products are the “leaders” of their therapeutic class. We are among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Africa.

We develop medicines, which are tailored for markets of developing countries – both in terms of cost and packaging.

Our primary focus is on:

  • heavy or disabling pathologies (malaria, parasitology, severe urogenital ailments, etc.); and
  • making essential pharmaceutical products accessible.
les socialites pour des medicements pour le plus grand nombre

The “Socialities”, not just a concept, a reality!

We challenged ourselves to contribute to a better world where health and medicines could be widely available and for more people.

  • A new approach to pharmaceutical specialties in Nigeria and in Africa
  • High quality products at affordable prices for most people
  • A focused approach on severe or disabling illnesses
  • A thorough knowledge of the field in order to respond to the specific needs of healthcare practitioners and local populations
exphar laboratoire medicaments


exphar is the result of the successful blend between European and African expertise.

Efficient and innovative, exphar introduces a new style in the health sector.

Our laboratory focuses its actions on the African continent where our talent truly shines.

Our strategic actions take into account the economic realities and sanitary conditions of the local populations in the countries where we are present, namely in Nigeria

Balancing profit with a social dimension was a gamble, but we succeeded on both fronts with the support of our teams and partners in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.

Our products

The highest quality, our number 1 concern.

THE “SOCIALITIES”, pharmaceutical products affordable for all.

To qualify as a ‘sociality’, the product must meet strict criteria:

  • The price should be significantly reduced compared to reference products ;
  • The production quality should be irreproachable ;
  • The compliance with all international pharmacopeia norms ;
  • The qualification as first-line treatment for serious pathologies ;
  • The packaging must fit the needs of developing countries.
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